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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Jared Kuelling who was born in Rockford, Illinois on June 13, 2001 and passed away on December 23, 2003 at the age of 2. We will remember him forever. 

Jared was an angel the day he was born. Jared was born on his big sisters bithday. Jared had the biggest dimples and the biggest blue eyes. No matter what Jared always had a smile on his face.

  Jared loved to play with his big sisters Jordan and Hanna. If the girls were on the top bunk Jared wanted to climb on there too. Jared was a very loving little boy. He always had a hug and kiss for everyone.

Jared was a little trouble maker!!! He had colored on the bedroom walls from getting out of the house with out anyone knowing. He had his Gramma and Grampas wrapped around his little finger. With his big blue eyes and deep dimples to his big smile he could get away with anything.

Jared loved his blues clues!!!! From another room to where he was playing if he heard blue he came running. (Hey Jared. Know what? MAIL!!!!) 

                          JARED'S  STORY                 

 Jared was due a couple weeks earlier. June 13th I went to dr and had a stress test a ultra sound since i was not in labor yet not even dialated. As we were doing the ultra sound she noticed that i had very little water and wanted to induce me. so i went home packed my bags took my time and called family and friends and took the girls to grammas house since it was jordans bday. With my other 2 i never had an IV or anything. So i get to my room and the gave me a pill to thin my cervix and to start contracting. about an hour later the nurse came in and told me i had to put an oxygen mask on and she turned the monitor down and away from me. Then my dr came in and told me he was going to break my water and put internal monitors on jareds head. so he did and i felt fine no pain nothing.i had no clue what was going on all of a sudden the dr comes running in saying he has to take me for an emergency c-section due to jared not tolerating labor. so in less then 10 min i had a IV an had a needle in my back to do a c-section. i was so scared. the dr got jared out and i never heard him cry just alot of people mumbling. and since i wear glasses i could not see shit. i kept saying is he ok. finally a cry!!!! The cord was wrapped around his neck 4 times. He was taken to the nenate intensive care and i had to go to recovery. i could not see or hold him. I had a reaction to the meds they gave me so i had to be watched so i did not see him till the next day.

Jared weighed 6 pounds at birth and came home at 5 pounds 3 oz. I have to go back for a sec. When I was 28 wks preg I found out that jared had dialated kidneys. so one month later in july i took jared to a specialist in chicago for his kidneys. He had a couple of test and was put on meds precaution for an infection. I breast fed all my kids and did with Jared til he was 2 months when he stopped gaining. i took him to a GI doctor and told him that he was puking hrs later after i fed him. Jared was put on acid reflux meds after he had 2 upper GI scopes.

Then in November of 2001 jared was refusing to eat and was losing weight rapidly. I too him to the er and admitted him to the hospital with flu. After 15 days in the hospital they were convinced that jared did not have the flu but Failure to thrive. He came home with a NG tube in his nose for feedings. So at nite i would hook him up for his feedings. Jared was now on formula but i had to double it for the calories. we did the feedings from 8 pm til 7 am in the morning.

then one month later jared pulled his NG tube out got pnemonia back to the hospital for another 10 days. After we were accused of not feeding my child and everything they decided that he needed a G-tube in the stomach and he had a surgery that would stop him from vomiting called a nissen fundel Wrap. January he had this done.March we were back in the hospital for no weight gain. so they wanted me to run more feedings during the day and nite. Jared had stopped eating everything by mouth. he would scream if u put him in his high chair. So his first birthday i decided to contact madison hospital to get him to a specialist there. We went in July and seen a gentic dretc.... they did test after test and not an answer to why my son did not eat or gain weight. Jared hated his tube. i could barely get it in him at nite he screamed so bad. I told the Dr this and he said its fine.. My son was in Pain from this tube. I did everything to feed my child something is wrong....So november of 2002 Jared was back in hospital for no weight gain. more test and no answers. He weighed 13pounds. Fed up with the hospital bullshit and blaming us i contacted Minnesota Mayo Hospital. Wrote a letter to the top GI dr and called everyday to see if i could get jared thier. December 15th mayo clinic manday morning went to see Gi doctor. 10 min in the room jared was admitted to mayo hospital and was diagnoised. he could not eat because his tonsils were to big and his adnoids were blocking his air way in his he could not eat and breth at same time. January he had the surgery and 2 weeks later jared was eating french fries from MCdonalds. Jared was finally eating, woo hooo. No more hospitals. August 2003 jared had his G-tube removed from his stomach FINALLY... wrong 2 weeks later back for another surgery because it did not heal. December 7th 2003 watching football eating nachos decorating christmas tree. Jared started acting really funny. he was screaming and throwing his self on floor and trying to vomit. i called dr on call and he said take him to er if u think he is bad enough. so at 10 pm here i go to er. dr comes in i telll him his history tell him what he has been doing they run test do an x-ray. 1230 am shift change for the dr.its now 130 am still sitting there with my sick son. they tell me he is dehydrated so we are going to run IV.ok no prob. 430 am he has the flu go home and call his dr in morning. 815 am monday dec 8th i get girls up for school check on jared and i found him in his bed eyes rolled back and his stomach looked like a basketball. i cut his PJ's off and rush him to er. Jared was taken from me and was worked on immediatly. they said he was barely breathing and from the pressure in his stomach they could not get the breathing thing in him. so they took a needle in his stomach and released some of the pressure. They did not know what was wrong. They said prob a twisted bowel wrong. after a 3 hr surgery his stomach perfurated. They said jared will be ok but we are going to keep him satadeted and keep him paralized to help him heal faster. Jared was not going to be fine.i new that morning. 3 surgerys and 16 days later there was nomore that the doctors could do. his stomach was gone, his intestines were gone his gutt was nomore. Jared was pulled off life support at 2:30 pm December 23rd and i held him and he died in my arms at 2:58 pmI remeber the nurse coming in saying are you ready. if i was ready to let him go. wtf do u think NO i am not ready to let my son go. They took jared from me and i remember how empty i felt inside. .He was my little boy i am not ready to give him up.

I want my son back.

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